Team Relay & Gate Jumping | Results

Storme Whitaker, who organised this tremendous day out writes
“The odds were stacked against. The wind was in excess of 40mph
and the rain hit hard but it didn’t deter the teams going foot to the
floor to gain the fastest round. In the
75cm class Little Highhurst
from Cowfold won with a speedy round clearing the joker fence 3
times and only lowering a pole. In the
90cm class the Crawley and
Horsham Airborne Division
flew to take top honours. The meter class saw
Bog Snorkellers consisting of Hartley Crouch, Patrick Beirne and
Kyle Bedford swim their way through the rain to first place in a blink
and you missed it class of six very competitive teams.

In the
turnout section the Surrey Union 1, Triple Trouble from
Petworth and
The Masters of the Universe won beautiful rosettes kindly
sponsored by
Vanessa Lawes of and goody bags kindly donated
Stockley Trading in Midhurst.

The gate junior gate jumping had most spectators watching through their
fingers or biting their nails! The winner was
Jess Hall who cleared 1.20m. The biggest cheer went not only to the winner but also to Sasha Lawes on Make a Splash who jump a gate bigger than her pony and sadly
just tipped it off the cups. The winner of the open gate jumping
cleared 1.40m having gone on to jump two extra rounds once
second placed
Rachael Morley was knocked out.

The event was hindered by the high winds and amendments were made to
get the gate and jumps to stay upright however the atmosphere was
electric and the cheers must have been heard in Petworth as spectators
got in on the act.

Coming up next and involving just as much cheering
will be the
Point to Point on Saturday 25th April at Parham.”


Class 1 — 75cm
1stLittle Highurst Juniors 
(Olivia Watts, Kiera Mitchell, Liberty 
2ndCrawley & Horsham Cossacks 
(Holly Mahal, Francesca Mills, Flora 
3rd— Highfield Hellraisers 
(Freddie Cooper, Daisy Fletcher, Holly 
4th— Ridewell Rompers 
(Lisa Hamilton, Nick Caddick and Jess Hall)
5th— Horsham Hopefuls 
(Amy Saunders, Megan Ward, Isabel Hooley.)
6th — Bridge House Hooligans 
(Saskia Rogerson, Sylvie Plaskow, Lauren 
Best Turned out Surrey Union 1 
(Camilla Swift, Kiera Mitchell, Liberty Macfae)

Class 2 — 90cm

1st — Crawley & Horsham Airborne Division 
(Aisha Mahal, Abi Owen, Anna 
2nd — Surrey Union 2 
(Katherine McGrail, Russell Ingram, Natalie 
3rd — Petersfield PC 
(Charlie Biles, Imogen Porter – Wright, Grace 
4th — Little Highhurst 
(Olivia Watts, Georgina Knight, Caroline Sonati)
5th — The A Team 
(Coco Clevely, Rachael Morley, Kate Ford)
6th — Wild Woodlands 
(Ella Tilbury, Jess Callender, Eliose Needham)
Best Turned Out Triple Trouble 
(Karen Dallyn, Rachael Morley, Sammy 

Class 3 — 100cm

1st – The Bog Snorkellers 
(Hartley Crouch, Patrick Beirne, Kyle 
2nd — Petersfield PC 
(Charlie Biles, Imogen Porter – Wright, Grace 
3rd – Los Buscavidos 
(Adria Holder, Stewert Paterson, Henrietta 
4th — Masters of the Universe 
(Paul Lyon-Maris, Julian Edge, Charles 
5th – Wisborough Whizzers 
(Adam Matthews, Lauren Jones, Abigail 
6th – Fifty Shades of Hay 
(Jo Burdett, Louise Peacock, Louise Evans)
Best Turned Out Masters of the Universe 
(Paul Lyon-Maris, Julian Edge, Charles Homan)

Class 4 — 60cm Gate-Jumping 1st – Jess Hall
Class 5 — 80cm Gate- Jumping 1st – Kyle Bedford

Table Top Sale | April 19


Parade at Goodwood | Saturday March 21

Hounds will finish the season by parading at Goodwood at the 73rd Members’ Meeting on Saturday

72nd Members Day copy

CL&C on TV (obliquely) | March 22

Deborah and Scotty copy
Don’t miss The Ladykillers, a four-part documentary on BBC2 starting on March 25 at 8.00pm. It stars our very own joint Hon Sec, Deborah BoultonBritain’s homes are increasingly sanitised with shiny floors and carpets and immaculate kitchen surfaces. However, lurking beneath a seemingly glistening façade is a host of unsightly pests and bugs. And now, they are getting smarter – poison and traps are becoming ineffective as they build up resistance. More and more people are calling on pest control services to help reclaim their homes and in this series, pest controllers Janet Dixon, Imogen Levenson, Deborah Boulton and Angela Chettle-Sloan visit those experiencing problems on a large scale, to help rid people of these unwanted guests.”

Also available (but only for few days more days)
Modern Times: Welcome to Mayfair starring CL&C kosher meet host and subscriber, property tycoon and all-round bon viveur, Tony Lorenz

And to look forward to in the autumn, a three-parter Inside Country Life, some of which was filmed at this season’s opening meet and starring subscriber Rupert Uloth and — as is de rigueur these days — Sage and the CL&C hounds

Sue & Joe Bird Annnual Slideshow | The Kennels | March 6

Friday March 6 at 6.30pm for 7.00pm. The evening before our next meet at the Kennels, Goodwood, Sue and Joe Bird are giving a slide show taken from their magnificent back catalogue of photographs. It is sure to be a fascinating and intriguing evening and an enjoyable one too. Who knows, maybe you have a starring role! Do come along and see the show. Tickets are £20 to include a glass of wine and with a donation going to hunt funds! Places are limited, so please get in touch with the Kennels on 01243 755132 and book your seat.

Hygiene Wars | Lilly White -vs- Swamp Thing | February 21

It was a day of contrasts. Firstly, see here Sheila Lillywhite in her sparklingly well-appointed mobile ‘canteen’. Many of today’s field of 68 sampled her bacon and sausage baps. The canteen is pristine white and scrupulously clean. We like the home-made flags and pennants. Secondly, see here Sasha Lawes. As if the day was not lively enough, Sasha and her pony decided to explore a bog. Totally immersed, they were rescued by Nadine, Adam, Charlie and Karl, heroes all. It was quite something.

Butty Wagon
DSCF0188 - Version 2_2


Like we said, very few escaped unscathed:


Events Schedule!

2015 Events
with the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt.
The Events Committee are delighted to be emailing you with the dates of our fundraising events this coming season:

Saturday 7 March | Hunt Ball. (See details and application form here).
Sunday 29 March | Team Relay and Gate Jumping Competition at Coombelands. Schedule is attached. Our thanks to Gaye Harwood for allowing us use of the fantastic facilities.
Saturday 25 April | Point-to-Point at Parham with a new Countryside Arena running from 11.30am throughout the day. Come along with your terriers for the terrier racing, enjoy the falconer, have a flutter on the horses and enjoy the tradestands..
Sunday 12 July | Open Show at Foxleigh Farm, Kirdford. This will include Sunshine Tour and Equifest qualifiers as well as all the normal show jumping, dressage, working hunter, fun class and the greatly anticipated children’s and adult gymkhana. Many thanks to Richard and Elaine Whitcomb for allowing us to return to their beautiful fields for the third year running.
Saturday 29 August | Champagne Ride from Pallingham Manor Farm. Many thanks to Rob and Vicki Wilkins for allowing us the use of their barn.
Saturday 12 September | Hunter Trial at Coombelands. Many thanks -- as ever -- to Gaye Harwood.
Full details of every event will go on the website in due course

Spectators to all events are always very welcome or perhaps you could offer some time to help the day before or on the day. Please contact the organiser, any offers of help are always hugely appreciated.

We look forward to welcoming you to our events this year.

With the Mid-Surrey Farmers' Drag

It was “Fast and Furious” at Pallingham Manor. All we needed was Vin Diesel and Eva Mendes, but we had to make do with Harry Dzenis on Amy’s horse and Jo Burdett on Coco (it’s a boy, don’t ask). One of them has been round Badminton 5*and one has been round Fair Oak 1*, yet there’s ne’er a wafer’s thickness between them, is there? [No there isn’t. Now, please stop breaking my arm, Jo - Ed] A tremendous day -- unless your name rhymes with ‘Rupert Uloth’ and ‘Henry’. Commiserations to him and congratulations to the survivors...

AAJ_3759 low resAAJ_3701 low res

Hunt Ball | Southdown Manor | March 7 -- Book Now!

Hunt ball image

Opening Meet Supper | Petworth House | November 8

Once again, the Opening Meet Supper will again be held in the Audit Room Restaurant at Petworth House, this time with drinks first in the historic subterranean tunnels! (We’ll meet there at 7.30pm prompt and then make our way to dinner thereafter).

We’ve decided to make it after our ‘second’ Opening Meet as many of you felt it was less frantic a day and easier to make arrangements for. We are here to oblige…

Sashia Opening Meet
Tickets are £23 and can be obtained from Hon Sec Nadine Crouch on 07973 182414 or via ‘Speak’. They will sell extremely well, so please get in touch with her quickly. It was a terrific evening last time, so the Masters will look forward to seeing you all again and to toast 2014-5. Here is the menu for your perusal and delectation:

‘Thirsty Fox’
* * *
Traditional Bacon Suet Pudding
served with
Fresh Parsley Sauce
Little Roasted Potatoes with Seasonal Vegetables
* * *
Warm Blackberry, Pear and Almond Tartlets
Ice Cream
* * *
Coffee & Petits-Fours de Ferrero Rocher
(Oh, Ambassador! How you spoil us!)

TumbleStock | September 4

100+ happy partygoers enjoyed the party of the new season. It was beautifully organised in the courtyard at Flathurst Stables, decorated with Barry’s bunting and twinkling fairy lights, flaming torcheres and flickering candles. Very atmospheric. Refreshments (liquid) were courtesy of Beetlejuice and their ‘Foxhunters’ cocktail specially commissioned for the evening (gin, lychee juice and fresh pulped raspberries among other ingredients, I think). Giving you some idea of the conviviality, towards midnight they had run out of gin. (I know they could just have uncorked Jo Burdett, but luckily Master Tim had a couple of bottle behind the scenes…) Refreshment (substantial) was supplied by the Shepherd’s Hut Catering Co. from their pretty shepherd’s hut. Naturally.

AAJ_4150 low res
Master Tim would have had us rolling in the aisles if there had been any with his excellent tributes to those who had fallen. So we just rolled. Chloe Finch’s trophies were beautifully made, really something to keep for all time. Shares in HobbyCraft must have leapt. Ex-Master Paul attempted to justify his fall (‘Experienced jumpers only’) but was drowned out. Never attempt to justify your fall. Ian Tasney made a moving tribute to the spirit of camaraderie and Lady Tinka of Downton justly earned herself the Toby Stone (not the real one obviously, which would have been ludicrous, but Lady Anstruther’s maquette)
AAJ_4161 low res
We’re convinced there are many who made it a success, but a huge thank you to the prime movers behind the event. It was really something and here’s to the next one! Antonia Camilleri and Chloe Finch, James Robertson, and Tim and Jane

Tumblers | 2014-5) | It starts here...

Tumblers (2012a)
Starting as he may or may not intend to finish, Stephen Woodford becomes this season’s first tumbler barely an hour into the new season. He was joined later by Zoe from Tim Lee’s yard. Welcome! A branch did for Stephen [I feel we’ve been here before? - Ed] while something unspecified caused Zoe’s introduction to Tumblers. You won’t be alone for much longer. Update: You’re not. Welcome, Nicci Miller-Foy

Hunt Supporters New Merchandise | On sale now!

The Hunt Supporters Club take great pleasure in introducing some new additions to their range of club clothing and a brand new line in practical merchandise.

Ladies and gentlemen! Be a cut above the rest in a new body warmer and make yourself instantly popular with the masters by producing, from its pockets, some sloe gin in one of our smart new hip flasks. Several would be delighted with a flourish of your wind-proof lighter. With the festive season less than 15 weeks away [Thanks for that - Ed] , these will provide affordable gift solutions of ineffable quality, while simultaneously raising money to support your hounds. What a warm, roseate glow that will produce! Especially after the sloe gin.

All available from
Sheila Lillywhite. See her at meets.

AAJ_3230 low resAAJ_3236 low resAAJ_3241 low resAAJ_3245 low resAAJ_3246 low resAAJ_3253 low resAAJ_3258 low res
AAJ_3254 low resAAJ_3255 low res
Prices: Pewter Hip Flask = £25 Stainless Steel Hip Flask = £20 Leather Hip Flask = £20 Bottle-stop = £15 Lighter = £10 Body Warmer = £35 Fleece (adult) = £25 Fleece (child) = £15 Sweat Shirt (adult) = 20 Sweat Shirt (child) = £15 Ties = £15 Cap = £10

Pub of the Month | The Stag | Balls Cross

Pub of the Month starts again at an old favourite! The Stag Inn at Balls Cross. This is booked for Tuesday September 23 at 7.30pm The menu will go out shortly on ‘Speak’.

Please get in touch with Sheila (
01798 342990) as soon as you can as it is sure to sell out quickly.

Countryman's Day | This Sunday

Countryman’s Day takes place at Balls Cross (by kind permission of Lord Egremont, The Leconfield Estates and Mr Richard Chandler). It’s on Sunday July 26 (signposted at The Stag Inn). Car Park: £5.00  Person on Foot: £5.00 11.00 : Classes start (entry fee of £2.00 per class, payable at the ringside) 12 noon : Dog agility demo, followed by 'Clear Round' agility Gun dog scurry throughout the day; terrier racing will follow all judged classes (£2.00 per entry) side shows, produce stalls, trade stands, tombola, Refreshments. And the ever bitingly-satirical ‘Scarecrow Competition’