Team Relay & Gate Jumping | June 26 | Coombelands

(Enter via postal entry or online at

Class 1 Mini Team Relay. 75cm Riders pass a hunt crop baton style within the start / finish box at the end of completing the course to allow the next rider to start. There will be a joker fence.

Class 2 Novice Team Relay. 90cm Riders pass a hunt crop baton style within the start / finish box at the end of completing the course to allow the next rider to star. There will be a joker fence.

Class 3 Open Team Relay 100cm Riders pass a hunt crop baton style within the start / finish box at the end of completing the course to allow the next rider to star. There will be a joker fence.
There will be a prize for the best turned out team, to be judged before the team enter the arena to jump, so please present your team in plenty of time as the judge will be waiting.
Class 4 Junior Gate Jumping- gate starts at 60cm. This class is for 16 year olds and under only
Class 5 Open Gate Jumping – gate height starts at 80cm.

see schedule

Champagne Breakfast Ride | Pallingham | August 20

Starting and finishing at
Pallingham Manor Farm, Wisborough Green,
RH14 0EZ. There will be two rides, one for jumpers and one for non-jumpers.
All riders to be mounted by
9.00am. A glass of bubbles or soft refreshment will be enjoyed before setting off on the rides. The jumpers group will cross timber and hedges, some of which can be bypassed but not all. The rides will last between 1 hour and 1.5 hours with a full English breakfast, tea and coffee on your return.

Dress code: Safe and smart
will be in attendance selling photos on the day and online afterwards.

There will
NOT be any medical cover at this event.

Adults : £35.00 per person.
Under 18s : £25.00 per person
Leader and Lead rein child : £15.00
Supporter breakfast : £8.00

Entries can be posted or made online at
This is a fundraiser for the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt.
Champagne Breakfast Ride – 20th August 2016
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Delete as applicable:
Entry Fee:

Rider / Junior / Lead rein + leader / Supporter
Jumping / Non Jumping

Rider / Junior / Lead rein + leader / Supporter
Jumping / Non Jumping

Rider / Junior / Lead rein + leader / Supporter
Jumping / Non Jumping

Number of vegetarians:…………..
Name:……………………………………………….. Contact number:………………………………………………….
Email:………………………………………………………………………… Cheque enclosed for: ……………….
Please return to
S. Rees, 21 Wyndham Road, Petworth, West Sussex, GU28 0EB by August 18th.

Countryside Triathlon | Strood Farm, Petworth | July 31

Get a team of three people together. Do not be alarmed. It is as simple as this:
One person will jump a course of working hunter jumps, someone will run a dog over a timed bale scurry and someone will shoot laser clays.
10.00 – 12.00 Jumping element open. The jumping will start at 70cms and rise by 10cm intervals at times depending on entries. You must put your number down and be ready to jump at the height you require. Clear round will also be available once your competitive round has been completed or for those who wish to have a fun jump - £5 per round payable to the steward.
12.00 – 16.00 Bale scurry and laser clay shooting elements open. Your team member who is completing the bale scurry, may have a practise with your dog before running against the stopwatch.

bale scurry will be available for £5 and “Have-a-go” laser clay shooting will also be available on the day. (Over 13s only for the laser clays)

Anyway, glance at the schedule
here and all will be clear…

Sophie Lawes | Royal Windsor Horse Show

WP_20160515_012 (1) 
We thought you might like to hear some further good news about a younger CL&C follower Sophie Lawes  achieved an incredible result at the  Royal Windsor Horse Show.  She and Carnsdale Vanity Fair (owned by J.J. Skillman) came first placed in the Working Hunter Pony 153cm class  and then later went on to win the Working Hunter Pony Championship (2016) itself. This is a terrific result for a young rider and in the Queen’s 90th birthday year. We know you will want to join the masters in congratulating Sophie on her outstanding achievement. Really tremendous!

DAKS Award | Beryl Millam

Beryl has been awarded the Pony Club Daks Unsung Hero Award which will be presented to her today at the Royal Windsor Horse Show.   Here is the lengthy citation that accompanies it — the CL&C could not be more proud.

Beryl was born in Liverpool but came to West Sussex in her late teens and since that time has been involved in Pony Club.  When she first came to work down here with Captain and Mrs Price, she helped with the training of the Chiddingfold Branch Mounted Games team that qualified for one of the first Prince Philip Cup Championships at Horse of the Year Show.  She has been training Mounted Games teams ever since.

In the late 1960’s Beryl went to work for the Embiricos family at Barkfold, near Petworth where they ran a National Hunt stud.  She also helped with the childrens’ ponies and horses and, through this, became involved with the Lord Leconfield branch.  She has always been actively involved with the branch – mounted games, rallies, camp and the highlight of the summer holidays was the rally that she and her late husband, Wilf, ran at Barkfold.  The morning was spent in lessons; there was a talk during lunch and then the much anticipated ride in the afternoon.  Beryl and Wilf made cross-country jumps around the estate and members went off in two rides – one for the younger members jumping smaller jumps and, what everyone aspired to – the ride with the big jumps.  This included a huge hedge which, like fish, got bigger with every telling – health and safety was not an issue in those days

Mr. and Mrs. Embiricos owned Aldaniti who, in 1981, won the Grand National ridden by Bob Champion.  Everyone knows the story of Bob recovering from cancer and Aldaniti from a serious leg injury.  It was Beryl as Head Groom, who looked after the horse during his long box rest and convalescence before returning to be trained for the National.  It was such a fabulous story that a film was made called ‘Champions’ which Beryl worked hard with producers to perfect!

The Bob Champion Cancer Trust was founded in 1983 and in 1987 Aldaniti was ridden for 250 miles, over 5 weeks, each mile being ridden by different people, including celebrities.  It started at Buckingham Palace and finished at Aintree on Grand National Day, with Beryl escorting and in charge of Aldaniti throughout.  A huge sum of money was raised and Beryl continued to accompany the horse on many other fund-raising ventures including a sponsored walk in Ireland in 1993
In 1996 she also raised money with the Ride for Life, a walk with Brave Highlander from the Palace of Holyroodhouse to Buckingham Palace. 

Beryl continues to raise money for the Bob Champion Cancer Trust, making a small charge for the Mounted Games practises. This is donated to the charity each year, with Beryl donating her expertise free of charge.  She has helped to raise over £920,000 since 1987 for the Trust and individually has raised £15,400 over the years from the Mounted Games.  A grand total of £935,400 – which is amazing in itself.

Bob Champion is extremely fond of Beryl and is thrilled for her today. The many events that Aldaniti attended over the years, as well as the Walks/Tours, would have been unthinkable without Beryl, she was always a great team member and a joy to work with, a heart of gold.
Beryl is still actively involved in Pony Club instructing at camps and rallies.   She has a wonderful rapport with children, young and older, and members of her Mounted Games teams.   Their parents will always have a high standard of tack and turnout, having learnt how to do it the ’Beryl way’ when they were taught by her as children!  She is always ready to help with any Pony Club event and much enjoys following the fortunes of the branch – she really is the unsung hero of the branch, the mother of the Lord Leconfield Pony Club. 

Puppy Show | May 14 | Results

IMG_3862 (1)

Judges: Maj. Tim Easby and Mr Daniel Cherriman

1. Major (walked by Mr and Mrs David Subtil)
2. Marchant (walked by Mr and Mrs David Subtil)
Freeman (not walked)

Maple (walked by Mr and Mrs David Subtil)
Gretna (walked by Nick and Laura Wilkins)
3. Grateful (walked by Nick and Laura Wilkins)

Doghound : Major
Bitch : Maple
Champion : Major

Cup Winners
The Hunt Supporters Cup : Sheriff(Mrs Vicki Wilkins MFH)
The Graffham Cup : Marshall (Mrs Vicki Wilkins MFH)
The Kathleen Elwin Cup : Marble (Mrs Diane Evans)
The Masters Cup : Granby (Hannah Alsbury-Morris)
The Shirley Reed Cup : Stumble (Mrs Elaine Whitcomb)
The Harold Wait Cup : Grafton (Michael and Deborah Boulton)
The Joy and Stan Mayes Trophy : Glossy (Mr & Mrs David Hayes)

Hartley Crouch | CL&C to Cottesmore

Hartley and hedge
Hartley Crouch, who has been our junior amateur whip for the past season, has successfully secured a place on the MFHA’s Hunt Bursary Scheme which encourages young people to enter hunt service. 

There are very few places available each year and usually none available this close to the start of the hunting calendar. However an exception was made and, after a round of interviews and a week’s trial, Hartley is to take up a position with 
The Cottesmore, one of the country’s most prestigious packs, based south of Melton Mowbray, the historic home of fox-hunting.

This result could be no better acknowledgement of
Sage and Tim’s patient mentoring over the last few years, both at kennels and in the field. Will Bryer MFH of the Cattistock, who spotted his potential a few years ago, has been very supportive of Hartley’s application; so too has Andrew Sallis MFH of the East Sussex & Romney Marsh.

We will miss Hartley greatly, but know that you will want to join us in congratulating him on this terrific success and wish him all the best for an exciting future.

CL&C And CA Awards | Sue & Joe Bird and Kitty Kemp-Welch

AAJ_5360 9 x 6

We thought you would like to know about a terrific success for the CL&C at the 
Countryside Alliance Awards

This is in the form of 
Countryside Alliance Hunt Tumblers’ Club competition for best photograph of the recent season.  

Clearly the judges reached the right decision and 
JOE AND SUE BIRD take home first prize (sponsored by Pol Roger) for their terrific sequence of photographs from opening meet of KITTY KEMP-WELCH in mid-air.  Despite Kitty being only 10 years old, she has the sophisticated tastes of her mother, so we feel sure the Pol Roger won’t last long. 

Anyway, congratulations to all three on a terrific win. We always knew that our hedges were the match of any, that our photographers were prizewinners and our younger field irrepressible. 

Here is how it appears in the recent CA newsletter…

Hunting's "top tumble" revealed

The winner of the Countryside Alliance Hunt Tumblers’ Club competition for the 2015-16 season, kindly sponsored by Pol Roger, has been announced.

Out of hundreds of photos sent in from hunts across the UK and Ireland, Colin (Joe) Bird’s picture sequence (the first of which is shown left) of Kitty Kemp-Welch taking a tumble out with the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt was judged to be the top tumble of the 2015-16 season. Kitty, aged 10, who is a regular hunt follower and a member of the Cowdray Hunt Pony Club, hit the deck at the Opening Meet held at Petworth House. Look at the sequence of Kitty's tumble on our website 
here. Also on the website are the second and third placed tumbles as well as two high commendations. Please note that no rider or horse honoured in this competition was injured.

Point-to-Point (2016) | Thank you

Chid & Leconfield-Point to Point

The Chairmen and Masters  would like to say a huge thank you to everybody who made Saturdays point-to-point at Parham one to remember. It is surely one of the most memorable and most effectively organised CL&C point-to-points for many years. It seemed to go like clockwork. What a tremendous day and what a tremendous amount of effort the new committee have put in over the past year to make it happen.  Huge congratulations and grateful thanks to Rob Wilkins (Chairman), Jo Burdett, Cath Carver, Sarah Cherriman, David Hayes, Mark and Storme Rees and Simon Stilwell. We know they would want to extend their own thanks to everyone who worked with them to make the day such a success, to the many generous sponsors who supported it and to all of you who came along to enjoy it.

Farmers' Dinner | April 7

The Farmers Dinner at Cowdray Halls was yet another conspicuous success. Arranged by Deborah Boulton and Maria Shiner, the guest speaker was Henry Dallal, who did not actually speak but instead let his extraordinary photographs, in the form of a slide show, speak for him. A pageantry of the horse, it was a glittering and memorable show. Master Robin welcomed guests and introduced the speaker; Lee Dallyn replied for the guests. a really lovely evening.AAJ_9999

Cowdray Sponsored Ride | May 8

SponRide 2013 (1)
Once again, mostly because we have few other photographs, Rufus Uloth says ‘Isn't my winner's plate shiny and new and worth securing for all time? I think so.’ Thus do we tell you that The Cowdray Sponsored Ride (by kind permission of Lord Cowdray) will once again be in aid of the CL&C Hunt and Macmillan Cancer Support. The course will start at Cowdray House and run south again. Optional jumping, but clearly not for this happy competitor. Barely containing his excitement, year on year, Rufus tells us: “You need to know that the Cowdray sponsored ride takes place again on May 8! I can barely contain my excitement! Be a winner like me! And get a shiny plate made of solid silver. Sort of.”

See what the fuss is about. The schedule is

CL&C on TV | March 11

Land of Hope and Glory: British Country Life — The CL&C’s Opening Meet at Petworth House, our latest Hound Trustee’s day job and Sage’s relationship with his hounds are explored in part two of a new three-part documentary focusing on a year in the life of 120 year-old Country Life magazine. This is likely to be broadcast on BBC2 at 9.00pm on Friday March 11, although all three parts will be well worth viewing!

Land of Hope and Glory, Closer, 27 Feb - 4 Mar 2016

Pub of the Month | The Cricketers'

Hunt Supporters’ ‘Pub of the Month’ coming up is The Cricketer’s Arms at Wisborough Green. This is booked for Friday March 4 The menu has gone out on ‘Speak’. (2 courses £15.00 per person, 3 courses £20.00 per person) Please get in touch with Sheila 01798 344290 or

Bangers 'n' Mash & Hornblowing...


We are delighted to report the following winners….

Junior : Ellie Simmons
Adult : Rachael Morley
Junior : Anna Rogerson
Adult : Tim Mardles
Professionals : Dave Rees
Special : Molly Staines
Lottery Board £100 prize
Rachel Morley
‘Guess the Meet’
Lisa Dallal

Greyhound Racing | February 18

Pasted Graphic
Greyhound Racing on 
Thursday, February 18, 2016 £25 per head: includes admission, transport and two-course supper (pudding can be bought on the evening) 1st Race at 6.30pm The coach will leave promptly: Midhurst (Police Station)  at 4.00pmPetworth (Sylvia Beaufoy car park) at 4.30pm W’boro Green (Three Crowns) 4.45pm To book: Sheila 01798 342990 or