Champagne Ride | August 29 | Thank you

We know all who attended — heading towards 90 mounted — would wish to thank James Robertson and Storme Rees for such a beautifully choreographed day at Pallingham.  This is a new fundraiser and it went with a bang (in fact many, as the champagne did not appear to stop...) Thanks too to all who helped them, not least Sarah Cherriman, Mark Rees, Julian Edge MFH, Barry, Sage and Tim Huge thanks to Vicki Wilkins MFH and to Rachel Whiting for leading the jumpers and non-jumpers respectively (let it not be said the latter was without incident). Behind every great master there is always formidable support. Thank you to Rob Wilkins for allowing so many of us to cross his farm and for remaining cheerful throughout.

Thank you again, the whole thing was terrific, the weather was with us and it all looked so impressive too.

CL&C in the News | Horse & Hound

Mark Hankisson has written a very cheering piece in this weeks Horse & Hound highlighting our hounds performance at Honiton this season. “The major hound show season finished as it began, with the championship victory for the Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray …” What can we say? Nothing except well done Sage and Tim and our hound trustees… Here’s to next year!

West of England Hound Show | Honiton | Results...


The CL&C achieved some notable successes at Honiton. In brief, we won these rosettes: 

1 x Championship; 1 x Reserve Championship; 1 x Best Unentered; 3 x 1st; 1 x 2nd; 2 x 3rd (and several items of silverware)

The judges were: 

Stephen Lambert and Oliver Dale MFH 
Martin Scott and Tom Lyle MFH

Dog Hounds

Class 3 : Best Couple of Unentered Doghounds :

CL&C Mandate & Mascot

(4th: East Devon;  3rd: Portman; 2nd: Tetcott)

Best Single Unentered Doghound : Mascot

Class 4 : Best Couple of Entered Doghounds :
3rd  CL&C Grafton & Grecian 

(4th: Testcott;  2nd: Dulverton West;  1st: South & West Wilts)

Class 5 : Best Two Couple of Entered Doghounds :
3rd  CL&C Grafton & Grecian, Glasgow & Growler 

(4th: Portman;  2nd: West Somerset;  1st: Dulverton West)

Reserve: CL&C Grafton

Bitch Hounds

Class 9: Best Couple of Unentered Bitch Hounds :

1st  CL&C Fashion & Magic   (4th: Cattistick; 3rd: Dulverton West; 2nd: South Tetcott) 

Best Single Unentered Bitch Hound : Fashion

Class 11: Best Two Couple of Entered Bitch Hounds :

CL&C Gretel & Habit, Rosy & Royalty (The R.L. Pugsley Silver Salver)
(4th: West Somerset; 3rd: Portman; 2nd: Dulverton West)

Class 12: Best Brood Bitch :

CL&C Habit

(4th: South Tetcott; 3rd: Four Burrow; 1st: Dulverton West)


 CL&C Royalty (Perpetual Challenge Cup)

Hunter Trial | Coombelands | September 12

CL&C Hunt Hunter Trial
Coombelands, Pulborough
By kind permission of Mr & Mrs G Harwood)


Saturday 12th September 2015

NoviceNovice PairsIntermediateIntermediate PairsOpen

Start times will be posted on the CLC&H website on
Thursday 10th September. In the event this competition has to be cancelled information will be posted on the website
First aid fee
£4.00 per rider. Please send a separate £5.00 cheque for Bib deposit with your entry fee - this will be returned on the day. Cheques payable to “CL&C Hunt”.
The course is available for walking on Friday 11th September 2.00-5.00p.m.
The post code for the venue is RH20 1BQ

Download schedule here