Tumblers | Really? It takes more than one solicitor's letter…

…to make Tumblers recuse and recant….

Dear Sirs,
I am writing to lodge a preliminary protest in response to the defamatory statement on the CL&C Tumblers League table concerning my client Mr Basil Horse.  The words “Bad Basil” have caused or are likely to cause serious harm to the reputation of my client, Mr Horse, and have also lowered him in the estimation of right-thinking or reasonable members of society and/or have substantially affected in an adverse manner the attitude of others towards Mr Horse.
I therefore request a full apology from the anonymous author of the defamatory statement to be published on the so-called CL&C website, and damages from the Mastership and Directors of the so-called CL&C Hunt in the sum of £1,000,000,000 which will barely scratch the surface of the pain and suffering caused to my client but may ameliorate the fact that he is clearly going to be unable to find further employment anywhere in southern England.
I look forward to hearing from you within 10 working hours with a cheque, in the absence of which legal proceedings will be issued without further notice to yourselves.
Yours faithfully

Opening Meet Supper | Petworth House | November 8

Once again, the Opening Meet Supper will again be held in the Audit Room Restaurant at Petworth House, this time with drinks first in the historic Old Kitchens. (We’ll meet there at 7.30pm prompt and then make our way to dinner thereafter).

We’ve decided to make it after our ‘second’ Opening Meet as many of you felt it was less frantic a day and easier to make arrangements for. We are here to oblige…

Sashia Opening Meet
Tickets are £23 and can be obtained from Hon Sec Nadine Crouch on 07973 182414 or via ‘Speak’. They will sell extremely well, so please get in touch with her quickly. It was a terrific evening last time, so the Masters will look forward to seeing you all again and to toast 2014-5. Here is the menu for your perusal and delectation:

‘Thirsty Fox’
* * *
Traditional Bacon Suet Pudding
served with
Fresh Parsley Sauce
Little Roasted Potatoes with Seasonal Vegetables
* * *
Warm Blackberry, Pear and Almond Tartlets
Ice Cream
* * *
Coffee & Petits-Fours de Ferrero Rocher
(Oh, Ambassador! How you spoil us!)

TumbleStock | September 4

100+ happy partygoers enjoyed the party of the new season. It was beautifully organised in the courtyard at Flathurst Stables, decorated with Barry’s bunting and twinkling fairy lights, flaming torcheres and flickering candles. Very atmospheric. Refreshments (liquid) were courtesy of Beetlejuice and their ‘Foxhunters’ cocktail specially commissioned for the evening (gin, lychee juice and fresh pulped raspberries among other ingredients, I think). Giving you some idea of the conviviality, towards midnight they had run out of gin. (I know they could just have uncorked Jo Burdett, but luckily Master Tim had a couple of bottle behind the scenes…) Refreshment (substantial) was supplied by the Shepherd’s Hut Catering Co. from their pretty shepherd’s hut. Naturally.

AAJ_4150 low res
Master Tim would have had us rolling in the aisles if there had been any with his excellent tributes to those who had fallen. So we just rolled. Chloe Finch’s trophies were beautifully made, really something to keep for all time. Shares in HobbyCraft must have leapt. Ex-Master Paul attempted to justify his fall (‘Experienced jumpers only’) but was drowned out. Never attempt to justify your fall. Ian Tasney made a moving tribute to the spirit of camaraderie and Lady Tinka of Downton justly earned herself the Toby Stone (not the real one obviously, which would have been ludicrous, but Lady Anstruther’s maquette)
AAJ_4161 low res
We’re convinced there are many who made it a success, but a huge thank you to the prime movers behind the event. It was really something and here’s to the next one! Antonia Camilleri and Chloe Finch, James Robertson, and Tim and Jane

Tumblers | 2014-5) | It starts here...

Tumblers (2012a)
Starting as he may or may not intend to finish, Stephen Woodford becomes this season’s first tumbler barely an hour into the new season. He was joined later by Zoe from Tim Lee’s yard. Welcome! A branch did for Stephen [I feel we’ve been here before? - Ed] while something unspecified caused Zoe’s introduction to Tumblers. You won’t be alone for much longer. Update: You’re not. Welcome, Nicci Miller-Foy

Hunt Supporters New Merchandise | On sale now!

The Hunt Supporters Club take great pleasure in introducing some new additions to their range of club clothing and a brand new line in practical merchandise.

Ladies and gentlemen! Be a cut above the rest in a new body warmer and make yourself instantly popular with the masters by producing, from its pockets, some sloe gin in one of our smart new hip flasks. Several would be delighted with a flourish of your wind-proof lighter. With the festive season less than 15 weeks away [Thanks for that - Ed] , these will provide affordable gift solutions of ineffable quality, while simultaneously raising money to support your hounds. What a warm, roseate glow that will produce! Especially after the sloe gin.

All available from
Sheila Lillywhite. See her at meets.

AAJ_3230 low resAAJ_3236 low resAAJ_3241 low resAAJ_3245 low resAAJ_3246 low resAAJ_3253 low resAAJ_3258 low res
AAJ_3254 low resAAJ_3255 low res
Prices: Pewter Hip Flask = £25 Stainless Steel Hip Flask = £20 Leather Hip Flask = £20 Bottle-stop = £15 Lighter = £10 Body Warmer = £35 Fleece (adult) = £25 Fleece (child) = £15 Sweat Shirt (adult) = 20 Sweat Shirt (child) = £15 Ties = £15 Cap = £10

Pub of the Month | The Stag | Balls Cross

Pub of the Month starts again at an old favourite! The Stag Inn at Balls Cross. This is booked for Tuesday September 23 at 7.30pm The menu will go out shortly on ‘Speak’.

Please get in touch with Sheila (
01798 342990) as soon as you can as it is sure to sell out quickly.

Countryman's Day | This Sunday

Countryman’s Day takes place at Balls Cross (by kind permission of Lord Egremont, The Leconfield Estates and Mr Richard Chandler). It’s on Sunday July 26 (signposted at The Stag Inn). Car Park: £5.00  Person on Foot: £5.00 11.00 : Classes start (entry fee of £2.00 per class, payable at the ringside) 12 noon : Dog agility demo, followed by 'Clear Round' agility Gun dog scurry throughout the day; terrier racing will follow all judged classes (£2.00 per entry) side shows, produce stalls, trade stands, tombola, Refreshments. And the ever bitingly-satirical ‘Scarecrow Competition’

Open Show | Thank you

The Events Committee would like to extend a huge thank you to the following for their contribution to last Sunday's successful Open Show

Richard and Elaine Whitcomb for the fabulous showground and their generosity in allowing us to set up the day before

Judges --
Rachael Morley, Gary Keywood, Lucy Denny, Tiffany TasneyBeryl Millam and Jane Weller Stewards -- Karen Dallyn, Natasha Harris, Bev Kent, Sarah MorleyRichard Stubbs, Peter Sherratt, Tina Pendle, David Hayes, Jo Haill Sheila Lillywhite and Naomi Rogerson Assistant Secretary -- Dawn Clark Pole pickers -- David Hayes and Tom Lane Judge refreshers -- Belinda Wilkins Parking -- Barry and Patrick who ensured safe entry and exit to the showground Tim Mardles, John Gough, Tom Lane and David Hayes (and his unfeasibly large horse-box) for help in setting up the previous day.

And not least, the Masters would like to thank, as ever, 
Jo and Storme and James for all their hard work

Once again a wonderful team effort. There have been many emails, texts, calls and facebook messages from appreciative competitors.

The date for our next event our Hunter Trial at Iping is 
Sunday 19th October
Schedule to follow soon, any offers of help would be greatly 
appreciated. This event requires many hands, experienced or first 
timers, we welcome all and full briefing will be given plus support via the radios all day. Please let Storme or Jo know on 
stormewhit@tiscali.co.uk or jo.burdett@rocketmail.com

Sue and Joe Bird | Photographers par exellence

Sue and Joe Bird’s website jsbeephotography.com is a tremendous resource for all countryside activities not just trail hunting and the CL&C. However, they offer us great support and memories of happy days spent in the field (or in many cases, Angus Walker, Jo Burdett et alia on the field). It’s always worth clicking on to their website to see what is new…


here for the link straight to their site

Puppy Show (2014) | Results

Grafton (walked by Michael and Deborah Boulton)
Gregory (walked by Reid Summerhayes)
Glasgow (walked by Roger Jarrad)

Glisten (walked by Michael and Deborah Boulton)
Glory (walked by Caroline Saunders)
Gretel (walked by Michael and Deborah Boulton)

Doghound : Grafton
Bitch : Glisten
Champion : Glisten

Cup Winners
The Hunt Supporters Cup : Glossy (Mr & Mrs David Hayes)
The Graffham Cup : Growler (the Homan Family)
The Kathleen Elwin Cup : Streamer (the Hoskins Family)
The Masters Cup : Bosun (Reid Summerhayes)
The Shirley Reed Cup : Bobbin (Michael & Deborah Boulton)
The Harold Wait Cup : Paragon (the Hoskins Family)
The Joy and Stan Mayes Trophy : Habit (Mrs Diane Evans)

The Hunt Relay Team | CHAMPIONS!

photo 3
History was made today at about 5.00pm at the South of England Showground at Ardingly. We could not be more pleased to announce that the
CL&C Inter-Hunt Relay Team triumphed at Ardingly today by winning their semi-final against the Kent and Surrey Bloodhounds and then going on to win the Final against the Mid-Surrey Draghounds. It is the first time in several years that the CL&C has been allowed to enter the relay at this venue so it gave us immense pleasure to go all the way and win it against 7 other neighbouring packs. The standard of competition was exceptionally good today and all the teams were well practiced and fast which made winning even more of a fabulous result.

Huge congratulations to today's team which consisted of:-

Vicki Wilkins MFH, Coco Allingham, Rachel Morley
and James Robertson
with Chef d'Equipe Karen Dallyn and the team on the ground

Also thank you to the great support in the stands for the Chid and Lec team as the roar of support was most definitely audible!

Cavalcade of Hounds, Ardingly | June 7


South of England Show, Ardingly | Results

We had another terrific day at Ardingly in the show ring.  I know you will want to join the masters and all who attended today in congratulating Sage and Tim for yet another excellent showing of the CL&C hounds. 
The competition between 15 packs was of a markedly high standard. Having travelled a considerable distance to join us, the Grove and Rufford from Nottinghamshire did not go away empty-handed, emerging as the clear winners in many classes.

Judges :  Dog Hounds -- Andrew Osborne MFH (Cottesmore) 
and Guy Landau MFH (Morpeth)  Bitch Hounds -- Mark Hankisson and  Richard Standing MFH (Mendip Farmers)

Dog Hounds

Class 2 : Best Couple of Unentered Dog Hounds - 
1st - Grafton and Grecian 
(The Gregson Challenge Cup)
Bitch Hounds
Class 9 :  Best Couple of Entered Bitch Hounds  - 
4th - Rosy and Royalty
Class 10 :  Best Two Couple of Entered Bitch Hounds  - 2nd -Grayling and Tapestry, Rosy and Royalty
The June Wood Memorial Trophy
Class 11 :  Best Brood Bitch Hound  - 
3rd - Tapestry
Class 12 :  Championship for Best Bitch Hound -
Reserve Champion - Royalty

Encouraging news from Ockley | June 5

DSC04320Dog Hounds
Class 3 : Best Two Couple of Entered or Unentered Dog Hounds - 2nd - Glasgow, Grafton, Grecian and Gregory
Championship for the Best Entered or Unentered Dog Hound in Classes 1 - 4
(Reserve: East Kent with West Street)

Bitch Hounds
Class 5 : Best Unentered Bitch -
2nd - Gretel
Class 7 : Best Two Couple of Entered or Unentered Bitches -
2nd -
Royalty, Rosie, Tapestry, Grayling
Class 8 : Championship for the Best Entered or Unentered Bitches in Classes 5 - 7
(Reserve: East Kent with West Street)

The Vintage Tack Room | Grand Opening | May 17

tack room
Mia and her team invite you to the official opening of the Vintage Tack room, 3 Market Square Petworth on Saturday May 17 at 12.30. Drinks and ‘nibbles’ will be served and, excitingly, Rupert Uloth of Country Life will cut the tail bandage to declare it open! Special offers will abound! Stockists of new and vintage clothes and accessories for hunting, polo, showing and the ‘country life’. Special discounts for hunt servants and followers and members of polo clubs. New as well as vintage brands stocked