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The Mastership

The responsibility for managing the hunt lies with The Mastership.

Tim Lee MFH, Joint Master

Tim Lee joined the Mastership in 2005 and makes good use of his racing background in his role as Jumping Field-Master on Saturdays. Responsible for clearing the southern part of the country and the very popular middle country of Pulborough Tim has a wonderful easy going style, is thoroughly approachable and hugely popular with the younger members of the hunt in particular. Tim has learnt a huge amount about Hound and Kennel management and is our liason with local yards and the pony club.

Paul Lyon-Maris MFH, Joint Master

Paul Lyon-Maris joined the Mastership in 2008. He first got on a horse in 1999 and has not, he says, looked back. He first hunted with the CLC in 2004. He helps out in the west of our country and keeps a keen eye on Hunt events and fundraising.

Robin Muir MFH, Joint Master

Robin Muir, who joined the Mastership in 2008, is fortunate to have two very obliging horses who make him look a far better rider than he is.  In truth he was runner up in 2006 and 2007's 'Tumblers League', the tally to which he assiduously keeps.  He is also co-editor of Horn & Hound, the CLC magazine, and welcomes submissions anytime.  He liaises with the Fundraising and Stileman's Hunter Trials Committee and the National Trust.


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