Subscriptions (2016-7)

26th August - Scent Trailing 067
The subscription rates together with up-to-date information on the cap has now been published. Please click on ‘Subscriptions & Cap’ (opposite). The ‘Full Weekday Subscription’ has been a great success and continues to run alongside the ‘Full Subscription’. For those who cannot make use of either full subscription, the 10-day ticket options (Saturday and Wednesday) are still available.

Although our hunting days are traditionally Wednesdays and Saturdays, please note that in order to make full use of available country during the shooting season, we may occasionally meet on an alternative weekday (at the Wednesday cap).

Parents please remind yourselves about the rules regarding your little ones when they come out with us.

Please note that Hon Sec
Deborah Boulton is again in charge of subscriptions this season and is happy to answer any questions you might have, as indeed are any of the three secretaries.