Subscription Rates & Cap

Wednesdays, Saturdays and Bye Days
( To maximize country during the shooting season we may hunt on an alternative weekday )

The following are now due and should be sent to the Hon Secretary:

Deborah Boulton,
3 Fieldings Cottages, Stane Street, Five Oaks, Billingshurst, RH14 9AQ

Bank details for transfers:
Chiddingfold, Leconfield & Cowdray Hunt
Sort code : 60-02-31
Account no : 66012333

26th August - Scent Trailing 067

A. SUBSCRIPTIONS (per person)

Adults 25 years and over: Full Subscription (all inc)

Adults 25 years and over: Full Weekday Subscription (all inc)

18 to 24 years: Full Subscription (all inc) £615

Under 18 years: Full Subscription (all inc)

Those not hunting before 1st January 2018, half the above respective rates apply.

1 person 10 day ticket (all inc) – Saturdays

1 person 10 day ticket (all inc) – Wednesdays

All special arrangements must be made with the Secretaries prior to the meet.

Lead reins: a child with an attendant on foot will be exempt from payment.

A mounted adult and one child will be charged
£40 (per day) as a pair with that child continually on the lead rein or in very close constant attendance for a maximum of 6 days. Once the child is independent within the field, normal rates will apply to both adult and child. This will be at the discretion of the secretaries. If you intend to come out with more than two children, please contact secretaries

Full-time hunt grooms working within our country : please contact secretaries

Newcomers to hunting: 1 day’s hunting only allowed
(all inc) per day £60

C. CAPS – all-inclusive (per person)

Maximum of 4 days allowed – then the balance of subscription rates are due

From 1st Sept From Opening Meet
Sat / Wed Sat / Wed

Adults (25 years and over):
£55 / £50 £100 / £85
18 to 24 years: £45 / £40 £60 / £45
Under 18 years: £25 / £20 £45 / £30

Subscribing puppy walkers : please contact secretaries

The subscription rules apply to all mounted followers of the hunt EXCEPT bona fide Farmers, who should contact the secretaries

A suggested minimum donation of £4.00 is invited on hunting days and will be
collected by Sheila Lillywhite.

A subscription for a Rider’s Certificate to ride a member’s horse in any point
to point must be paid by 1st October
2018 to the secretaries. This rule will be strictly enforced. Riders Certificates will be made available.

Hunters’ Certificates: No subscriber shall receive a Hunter’s certificate without first paying the required subscriptions to the secretaries. On receipt of a subscription, a card will be issued. Please present your card to be signed by the secretary, Nadine Crouch.

In the first instance, please call her fro the current subscription rate (07973 182414)

The Chiddingfold, Leconfield and Cowdray Hunt does not hold itself responsible
for any accident which may occur to any persons, their horses or property in
connection with or arising out of the activities of the Hunt. It is a requirement that each person who takes part in any Hunt activity shall indemnify the Hunt company against any legal action that may arise from any such incident and have appropriate third party insurance cover.

Membership of the Countryside Alliance provides such cover. All subscribers and visitors MUST be members of the CA. Membership numbers must be given on your subscription form.

Horse boxes and trailers must not obstruct the highway. The Police have warned that they will tow away any boxes or trailers causing such an obstruction. No parking of boxes or trailers is allowed on Hampers Green, Petworth or the National
Trust Car Park in Petworth Park and please do not cause any inconvenience on village greens, forestry or in gateways.

Secure parking is available at most meets. Each horsebox or trailer will be charged
£5 to help with security costs. The Security Officer in charge will collect this on the day. This will apply on weekdays too.

Quad bikes will only be allowed to follow by permission of the Masters. Where permission is granted, they may only carry the number of persons they are designed for and all riders MUST wear suitable protective headgear.

Full adult subscribers may hunt with our neighbours the Surrey Union, the Crawley and Horsham, the Hursley Hambledon and the Old Surrey, Burstow and West Kent for half their day cap. Please phone the relevant secretaries for further details in good time before your visit.

It is expected that all subscribers will sign up to the Hunt Supporters Club too. Hon Secretary: Trish Morley 01730 813190

In the interests of safety, children aged 12 or under must be accompanied by a responsible mounted adult at all times. The adult, who may accompany a maximum of two children (12 and under), will be subject to the normal cap arrangements unless a subscriber or ticket holder. All children between the ages of 13 – 18 must have a responsible adult present, although not necessarily mounted. All children must wear or carry a label inscribed with their name, address and an emergency contact telephone number. In the field, children should always try to stay behind the Masters, especially approaching any jump, for their own safety. Any children of 12 or under or any persons deemed by the Masters incapable of riding to a pack of hounds will not be permitted to continue hunting.

Children remain the responsibility of their parents throughout the Hunting day and we do not as a company agree to take over that responsibility. Individuals taking charge of others children must agree with the parents that it is not the Hunt’s responsibility but a personal arrangement between the parent and the person they have engaged to look after their child for the day.

Orfold Farm, Wisborough Green Parsonage Farm, Kirdford
Butterfly Reserve, Tugley Wood Brook Farm, Ingrams Green, Elsted
Quiet Corner, Graffham Down Park Farm, Harting
Little Brockhurst, Lurgashall Frithwood Farm, Pipers Corner
Anstead Brook Stud, Haslemere Streele Farm, Wisborough Green
Normandie Stud, Kirdford Burnt Oak, Shillinglee
Dunford House, Midhurst Hookhurst Farm, Wisborough Green

Please do not gallop when hunting in the vicinity of stud farms (see list below).
Please remember that brood mares, in-calf cows, in-lamb ewes and all stock are very vulnerable to injury and can be readily disturbed by unthinking riders.

Normandie Stud, Kirdford Burningfold Manor Stud, Dunsfold
Crimbourne Stud, Hawkhurst Merton Place, Dunsfold
Robins Farm, Fisher Lane, Chiddingfold Crossroads, Wisborough Green
Lavington Stud, Graffham Anstead Brook Stud, Haslemere
Westerlands Farm, Graffam Burton Mill Farm, Petworth

All dogs must be kept on leads and away from hounds while out hunting and during all hunt fixtures.

If you or your horse damages any property (hunt jump, mown lawn, stationary car), you MUST report the incident immediately to a hunt official and offer FULL reparation (and make an extra donation of £20 to the wire fund)